Last night at The Windmill, Brixton

This is what happened. We played the Indietracks warm up show for the wonderful Trev of Oddbox Records. After we finished playing we were meeting and greeting some lovely people and selling a few CDs when suddenly this large 50-something year old man approaches Nadia (our singer) and says ‘You’re an arsehole’. I ask him “What did you say?” and he repeats himself and continues swearing about her (we later find out he’s the landlord and was angry because she had her own drink that she bought in herself on stage) Naturally, Nadia responds with ‘Fuck off’. He then continues to swear at her and simultaneously tells her to get out while attempting to GRAB her. (Keep in mind he didn’t give her a chance to even leave before trying to grab her) I want to emphasise that this wasn’t just an arm grab or him trying to lead her out. Harm WAS intended. She moves away from his grasp and he follows her, continuing to try and grab her VERY aggressively. She carries on running away from him and he then lunges at her with his full body weight, fists clenched and manages to get a hold of her and starts what I can only call ‘wrestling’ her and pulling her hair. Obviously by this point everyone was trying to intervene and friends helped pull him off her. If nothing was done to stop him she would have been severely hurt. His aim was to do some physical damage, this was clear. There were 5-6 witnesses (maybe more) round the venue to all of this. Afterwards obviously the majority of the audience was angry with the landlord and he responds by hurting more people. He restrained my friend Perkie by holding her arms tightly to drag her out of the pub, without verbally asking her to leave. She even shouted “Ok I’m leaving” and he still wouldn’t let her go. She still has red marks on her arms from his grip. Another audience member who defended Nadia and had a go at him for the assault was verbally assaulted and pulled by the neck of his t-shirt. The police arrived shortly after this, the landlord proceeds to describe Nadia as a ‘Paki’ in front of the police but somehow that didn’t harm his case. The display of violence was disgusting and terrifying. If there weren’t enough people to help pull him off her I shudder to think what damage he would have done. It was as if he was frothing at the mouth. And no, this man wasn’t provoked, she didn’t touch him or even go near him first. He assaulted her and there is NO justification for it. I spoke to a man outside and he said the landlord has been aggressive in the past, and other bands have been put off from playing there. Nadia is probably not going to press charges because she doesn’t want the long term hassle, but as we’ve already witnessed she’ll probably get more negative attention than he will. And we know how bad victim blaming can get. Boycott The Windmill.

- Harriet of The Tuts